Strategies lead generation for Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2021

.Webpage Optimization

First things first, you start from the very roots and since your website is the main source of driving all the traffic, you have to check whether it is functioning properly or not.

Website loading errors, lagging speed, and bad user interface drive the traffic away rather than bringing more in. There are many tools that help scan your website for any errors.

Knowing which clients or companies have viewed your website is necessary for sales specific marketing. This can later be given to a sales representative for a precisely designed follow up conversation to land in more clients.

Running A/B Tests

Running an A/B test allows you to determine which version of your webpage is causing more traffic. The performance is checked through statistical analysis.

Do Routine Website Checks

If you’re like most businesses and only check your website for bugs — when something is broken or you get repeated complaints — chances are that you are going to lose clients faster than you are gaining them.

This laid back approach secretly causes the website to lag and possible visitors to turn the other way, without you even ever knowing. Broken links that never load or 404 error pages can easily make visitors turn away forever.

A weekly routine website scan is crucial not only to make sure the system is running smoothly but also to make changes and improve user interface whenever needed.

Keep Updating Keywords

Uncovering the keywords that your competitors are already using and generating traffic from, can be very beneficial. By understanding which keywords are working for them, you can optimize your content accordingly.

Besides, you can get your website to rank higher with similar keywords. Adding long-tail keywords to structure your web content is a good tip for effective lead generation strategies.

Create Lead Magnets Through SEO

No matter how attractive your webpage is, it won’t generate leads if it is not visible to the potential customers. That’s when SEO jumps in for help. SEO strategies put your webpage into the first search page of Google results.

Lead magnets are pieces of contents like PDF or recorded files that can be viewed and downloaded by the visitors in exchange for their email addresses or other contact information.

There are many forms of lead magnets but they all have one thing in common; they allow a conversation with the possible clients who are not ready to buy from you yet but can be persuaded.

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